Join my Patre@n at to support my endeavors, God knows I need It. I'll update the chapter when I have nothing to do In Pandemonium, the inhabitants comes in all shapes and sizes. MALE LEAD Urban Eastern Games Fantasy Sci-fi ACG Horror Sports, FEMALE LEAD Urban Fantasy History Teen LGBT+ Sci-fi General Chereads, Romance Action Urban Eastern Fantasy School LGBT+ Sci-Fi Comedy, Magic Wuxia Horror History Transmigration Harem Adventure Drama Mystery, Inspiring Cooking Slice-of-Life Sports Diabolical, Anime & Comics Video Games Celebrities Music & Bands Movies Book&Literature TV Theater Others, Novels ranking Comics ranking Fan-fic ranking, / Anime & Comics / All-Powerful : Summoning System, Nathan Storm's life has been boring as of late. He has to survive while facing horrifying devils, poison dragons, and a variety of powerful enemies by using on a strange Super System chip and his wits, surrounded by the Devil's beauties such as the black-bellied lolita princess, the iceberg queen, the violent scythe, and the charming succubus. He only survived by doing low-level quests and cheap assignments. You have been transmigrated to a different world and have been given a unique gift. ---------------------------------------------- Sorry, I have a secret treasure to temper my body. [Elements are being chosen.] Also, the romance will start earlier since Im not writing about 11 year old kids going to magical schools anymore. Touted as a universal cure, people had elevated his status above the norm and given him the classification "Panacea". #WARNING Discord:- Consequently, he has to survive on his own in another world which he has no idea about. 200 Power Stones = 2 Extra Chapters per week -Last, but not least, I do not own any character, or anything in the MCU, other than my OC [Edward ???] Cover not mine found it on google Note: Please read the tag before reading. He died while saving multiple familys in the kill zone. After his first time leveling up, he gained a new ability [Modern Weapon Summoning System], a system that can make any modern armaments with limitations. Although he lost, he died without regrets and with a smile, prideful that he had managed to corner the King of Hell himself to such an extent. The new ability gives Del an edge over his opponent. Second World: My Girlfriend is a Zombie??? Many attributed his riches to his unprecedented shrewdness, hustling to survive after being abandoned by his father, there seemed to have been only a single thing he inherited from him that was useful, his luck. Though I will promise it will happen sometime in the future. [Marvel x Multiverse Fanfic] I'm saying this for those that will write a 1-Star review for me. HULK SMASH DARK SOUS ARRRHHHHGGG!!! Now he opens his eyes in another world, a world much more dangerous than his own, in the body of one certain Spider-Man. MC throws himself on a grenade and gets transmigrated to the world of Boku no Hero Academia with a barebones but exceptionally powerful System. No Harem. To top it off, these women and their said partners were strongwith some particularly so, enough to kill him with a punch alone. Daily Chapters Hope y'all enjoy it. Witness as this young man collects and contracts different kinds of monsters with the help of the Almighty Summoner System, becoming the Supreme of the Summoner's World and the worlds beyond it. --------------------------------------------- In a world teeming with Superheroes, Gods, Demons and Cosmic Entities. Alex was an ordinary person with the dream of one day being transmigrated to a magical world. Status: Ongoing Reincarnated With A Summoning System Novel Chapters List of most recent chapters published for the Reincarnated With A Summoning System novel. Mercer knew this was the end of his luck, or so he believed. 600 Powerstones = 3 Chapter An average guy reincarnates as Andrew Detmer with one of the most misunderstood and underrated ability in all of fiction. From then on, the continent would lose a good-for-nothing and gain an exceptional genius! For years he nurtured this desire, until at the age of 14 he died when an organization had tried to kidnap him from the lab Those brave enough to venture into the dungeons were given a title to signify their status, with the most skilled among them earning the title of Dungeon Scout. 100 Power Stones = 1 Extra Chapter per week [Work hard, young man!] All rights belong to their respective owners. Chapter 1519 World-Conquering Sect . After his first time leveling up, he gained a new ability [Modern Weapon Summoning System], a system that can make any modern armaments with limitations. Now, with a task to conquer women with his life on the line, Peter decided to fuck it all and do whatever was necessary to survive and live this new life to its fullest. Can he survive while developing his new ability or will he end up six feet below the ground? Whoever plots against Yun family's lives would pay back ten times the amount! - Please give my story a proper review. Will Vincent's newfound abilities help him attain the life of his dreams, filled with love and adoration from the beautiful monster girls he encounters? With the main goal of becoming the Fleet Admiral. Its body was slowly formed out of the mist. A chance to be extraordinary. You are reading Reincarnated With A Summoning System novel onlone free, one of the most popular novel of type Light Novel,written by Aoki_Aku and covering in Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Romance, genres, written by Aoki_Aku at Web Novel Full, a top novels site to offering for read light novels online free. A world of fantasy, magic, warriors, and kingdoms, both great and small. And his first mission was to tame an ant or else, die again? A universe of endless possibilities in which anyone can become the invincible hero fighting against the forces of darkness or a sage which dives into the abyss of magic and so much more. Author: BlackStar_BH (Me) I have to obtain them on my own? -- NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE, IT IS CRUEL AND ILLEGAL!!! My Patreon: This is a work of fiction that draws heavily upon the original source material of Danmachi. Now, given a new opportunity at life, Blake will use every possible way to grow stronger and protect his new family in a turbulent world where people can summon spirits to fight and develop their magical powers. a normal otako get sent to a new world with 3 wishes. I own nothing. Armed with knowledge about the future and full potential in Magic, Combat and Voice, the Nord kid will set out from Riften to find himself becoming a Hero way before the start of the game events. 1200 Powerstones = 6 Chapter Lastly.. Be sure to enjoy! For example, most Naruto fanfiction I've read only features either Minato's generation, Kalashi's generation Itachi's, or Naruto's you'd rarely see anyone about Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru's generation not to talk of Madara and Hashirama. -Wards -Knife/Short-Sword Wielding A dangerous world for someone without a weapon or some form of defense. --- He was a high school dropout with a drinking problem, living off disability due to his poor health, so it's not like he had much to lose except a few faithful friends he didn't talk to enough.After a long night of drinking, Cain wakes up looking at what he believes to be the character creation screen of one of his beloved virtual reality games, but with no recollection of having purchased it. 674 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress. Maybe I'll be full of energy to write your favorite fanfic. -Wards Names, characters, business, events, and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Author Note: I loved the "Game Creator on Marvel", but the release wasn't enough for me, so I decided to just write one for myself. "Huh?" There will be skills from different animes and mangas, just to let you know. Newest updated All rights reserved Synopsis Del Is a teenage boy of humble birth from Earth. Her father and brother, who had protected her as if their lives depended on it, becomes her strength to continue living. First world: Mummy world 57.1K Views 0 Chs Content ratings N/A SUPPORT Synopsis In the lands of Azeroth, after the great war with the defeat of the burning legion many races were in decline, for many of their legacy's and technology's are lost. So please, read at your own discretion. With the main goal of becoming the Fleet Admiral. Some of the weapons are even downright useless. Synopsis A man is reincarnated into One Piece as Monkey D. Raevan and gains The Summoning System, which allows him to summon characters, abilities, and items from other worlds, along with being able to give him quests with the reward being almost anything. 2 months ago . leaving a review that only says "this is disgusting" just exposes your bigotism. But being a mediocre player who only knows how to gather information, he was put in a supporting role. His unwitting choice to use the Random Character Creation option, unaware that the choice would be irreversible, sends him into this new world as a Puppet Master, a Summoning based class nobody else in the starting zone has ever heard of. There's also a meatball that seems to be a ten-thousand-year magical beast~ With such a mysterious treasure in her possession, the Yun family's Old Ancestor personally guides her cultivation path. Cover not mine "???????" Here is the link: ======= If you can't handle it, then don't read it. The great family fortune attracts a fatal disaster from greedy people. On his 18th birthday, when the world's children could ingest a special fluid and awaken, he was scared of remaining weak and useless; however, at the moment! Now, he has become a Cursed Soul. It resulted in him being banished from the heroes' party. [-Stealth Magic My Grammar is not the best, but hope you guys like it. Or will he be forced to fight and battle against the shadowy purpose of the dungeons themselves as the world's secrets and darkness begin to unfold before him? Tony Stark: Son of a bitch, I can do in real life everything this Watch Dogs guy does, but why can't I stop playing? 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