If you look at the teams in this stratosphere, theres a lot of continuity at the coordinator positions and, obviously, head coach and QB. Despite the memorable moments, this game was a bit of a letdown with two Hall of Fame quarterbacks not putting on the offensive show we expected. While Kansas City's 19% chance to win the Super Bowl might be more than any other team's, FPI is also saying that there's a 4-in-5 chance that a team other than the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl. CB | Safety | OT | Interior OL 12. The universe wont let the Vikings back in the Super Bowl because all of the ones they made in the 70s ended up being unwatchable. Seattle came in with the leagues best defense. The NFC, with two of the top six teams in FPI rating, is a little less threatening than the AFC. Unfortunately, they lost both starting tackles for the Super Bowl and could not stop the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beast-mode pass rush. And Chicago finds itself with eight games against FPI's top 10 teams: at Rams, at Browns, at Bucs, vs. 49ers, vs. Ravens, at Seahawks and then a home-and-home with the Packers. Here's everything we know, QB Young 5-10 1/8, 204 pounds at NFL combine, Sources: Patriots tell QB Hoyer he's being cut, Horns' Robinson: Versatility worthy of early pick, Jones: Not fixated on Cowboys' drought, just '23, Sources: Raiders plan franchise tag for Jacobs, WR Addison to Steelers' Pickett: 'Come get me', Wolverines' Turner wows with 4.26 40 at combine, Top QB prospect Levis eager to unleash 'cannon', Everything you need to know about Geno Smith's contract negotiations. It took just seven wins for Washington to top the NFC East last season, and FPI still doesn't think much of the division a year later. The Bills ended up with the most wins in a season (13) since 1991. However, like most teams on this list, the Steelers had one glaring deficiency: the passing game. Seriously, the Vikings are never allowed to make another Super Bowl. A crummy game turned into an instant classic thanks to a brilliant game-winning drive authored by Joe Montana. 20 David Tyree: 2008 Giants Known for his improbable catch in the Super Bowl and how it essentially won the Giants the game, it also hasn't been lost that Tyree was just a mediocre player at best, at any point during his career. It was the biggest upset in football history for a reason. In one of our 20,000 sims, the Eagles took the crown at 5-11-1. Philadelphia Eagles +7500 (bet $10 to win $760 total), The biggest preseason long shot to win the Super Bowl was the 1999 St. Louis Rams behind unknown QB Kurt Warner; the Rams were 300-1. Maybe the biggest forgotten gem in sports history. The Jaguars are going to be better than the 1-15 team that played last year, and could actually contend for eight or nine wins if the defense becomes a top 20 unit (ranked 31st in points and yards allowed in 2020). 18. Were on a run of blowouts now. Disputed loan at center of Commanders probe, Team-by-team strength-of-schedule rankings, Projecting the NFL's best and worst pass-protecting offensive lines: 1-32 ranking, Ranking all 32 NFL teams based on how much better (or worse) they got this offseason, NFL Future Power Rankings: Projections for all 32 teams for the next three seasons, Watson sexually assaulted them or engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Yet I can see the defense making a Washington-type leap, and the offensive weapons are there for whoever wins the starting job. But even with all that, its not even the best Super Bowl of the last two years. The market is super high on Buffalo theyre only underdogs in two games, vs Tampa and KC but there likely will be some form of regression. 3 overall pick Trey Lance entering the season. Buffalo is on the doorstep of reaching the league championship game, thanks to the emergence of Josh Allen as one of the game's best quarterbacks. In a 122 season, this team only surrendered more than 20 points once during the regular season. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. Commissioner.com is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc. site: media | arena: nfl | pageType: stories | According to statistics, the 2011 New York Giants. Which is funny considering the team they beat, the 2011 Patriots, would have also been the worst More NFL coverage . 1 seed in the AFC (32%) and reach the Super Bowl (30%). For starters, the NFC has nine road games this season, so a team from that conference was always likely to occupy the top spot. 28. And we dont even know who their QB is (probably Teddy Bridgewater over Drew Lock).. The Rams are firmly in the mix this year. Here is a quarterback guru who never could quite develop a quarterback as a head coach. This is the first game on this list that was actually competitive going into the fourth quarter, but it was a sloppy affair featuring seven fumbles and a pair of interceptions. Super Bowl MVP Pick. FPI then uses those ratings to simulate the season 20,000 times to create projections. WebTechnically the truth. He saved the team from the clutches of defeat and led a game-winning fourth-quarter drive. The Titans thrust themselves into Super Bowl contention with the offseason addition of Julio Jones, a massive upgrade over departed free agent Corey Davis. They had a four-game losing streak, two in overtime, they were actually really good on both offense and defense. Both Cowboys-Bills Super Bowl were blowouts, but this one was at least competitive into the third quarter. The defense ranked just 24th in the league that year, and a questionable call known as the "Tuck Rule" against the Oakland Raiders in the divisional round helped the Patriots reach the Super Bowl when many believed they did not belong. One of the bigger mismatches in Super Bowl history, this one gets bonus points for being the first one and the Chiefs actually keeping things interesting for 30 minutes after going into the half trailing by only four points. Denver got out to a 10-0 lead before Washington dropped a Super Bowl-record 35 points in the second quarter on the Broncos defense. Despite the strength of the division, the 49ers play one of the easiest strength of schedules in the league (SOS rank: 29th). 6) Jon Gruden, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Michael Strahan and Keith Hamilton combined for 19.5 sacks, and the team had 44 total. If Baker Mayfield improves from last season's campaign, the Browns will contend for a Super Bowl in 2021. It was all downhill for Chicago after Devin Hester returned the opening kick for a touchdown. The Chiefs win This Baltimore Colts was coached by Don Shula and averaged 28.7 points per game in the '60s. The game did not feature nearly as dramatic an ending as the rest of the top-10, but it was a game full of Hall of Famers all playing at a high level. The Dolphins won their second consecutive Super Bowl in a game that was over well before the fourth quarter. What Allen accomplished in 2020 was MVP-caliber, even if he didn't take home the league's highest individual honor. Both teams have two of the most talented rosters in the league and look to make an even deeper playoff run -- finally attempting to end title droughts that have lasted more than a half-century. WebThe Los Angeles Rams won in Super Bowl LVI versus the Bengals on February 13, 2022. worst team defense to win a super bowl The Los Angeles Rams won in Super Bowl LVI The agony of defeat. Burrow should be ready by Week 1, and has an impressive cast of receivers that will make the Bengals passing game even more lethal in 2021. The first half ended with James Harrisons lung-busting interception return. He had one season without Peyton and went 2-14 leading to his firing and the start of the Luck era. 1) How is coach Zac Taylor going to go from 6-25-1 to the Super Bowl? Obsessed with travel? To handle the uncertainty in the timing of Wentz's return, FPI gives the QB a very small chance to play in Week 1 and gradually increases the chance of his return until Week 8 -- spanning the range of the recovery timeline laid out last week by coach Frank Reich. Adding Patrick Peterson, Xavier Woods, Sheldon Richardsonand Dalvin Tomlinson in free agency improves this unit -- which also gets Danielle Hunter back from a neck injury. They have a new head coach, new offensive coordinator, new defensive coordinator, and rookie QB.. A 142 record with the seventh best defense in points scored against in the league. The game that gave us all of those 28-3 jokes. With an 11-2-1 record, this group was one of many Vikings teams that should have won the big game. Jacksonville was the worst team in the league last year, but the Jaguars were competitive in half of their games (seven of their losses were by one score). But itll face Justin Herbert, Josh Allen, Matt Ryan, Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers before Halloween. Their defense back in the day was shutting teams down and they had great leadership in Fran Tarkenton. ", From the huge offseason losses on the offensive line, to questions about the secondary, to the difficult division there isnt an ounce of value in the Raiders to win a ring., 26. He joined FS1 in 2016 and has appeared on every show on the network. The Cowboys first Super Bowl win was a snooze-fest. What should have been a great quarterback matchup Marino vs. Montana turned into a blowout as the Dolphins gunslinger couldnt keep up with the 49ers surgeon. Another Broncos blowout. What makes a great Super Bowl? The game lacked memorable moments but is significant because it was Elways last. The Buffalo Bills are coming off their first conference championship game appearance since 1993 while the Cleveland Browns won their first playoff game since 1995. Pittsburgh was just 7-5 through 12 games. W. 23-20. 29. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. Atlanta Falcons +6000 (bet $10 to win $610 total), New coach, new offensive coordinator just too much newness for me., That being said, going 2-8 in one-score games last year was a killer, and if the ball bounces differently in 2021, maybe theyre hovering around .500. 4. There were great pieces, but the team was not performing at its peak. Yes, the New York Giants knocked off the 18-0 New England Patriots. Arizona still needs more help in the secondary, but defensive coordinator Vance Joseph has man-cover corners to fit his scheme. The NFC West is loaded, but the Cardinals have the talent to win the division. An 115 team that didn't exceed in anything, but had John Elway. In the Super Bowl, Pittsburgh managed just 16 points and won a defensive slugfest 16-6. 3. So much needs to go right for the Broncos to get into the playoffs, much less the Super Bowl. New England Patriots +3300 (bet $10 to win $340 total), If Bill Belichick can figure out his QB, the Patriots are going to be extremely dangerous. 1 pick. Four of those teams made the playoffs last year and Miami won 10 games. Dallas Cowboys +2500 (bet $10 to win $260 total), Realistically, Dallas is in the second tier of teams that could win the Super Bowl.. There are quite a few contenders to win their first Super Bowl in 2021, and the two favorites reside in the loaded AFC. The game was expected to be a blowout Green Bay was favored by 13.5 points and it was. ), and every Texans opponent's win total is inflated for the same reason. The Cardinals defense significantly improved with the addition of J.J. Watt and the return of Chandler Jones on the pass rush. Oh yeah, Marino's offense averaged 32.1 points per game, too. Again, this is all dependent on how Darnold plays. Just how goofy was this game? Dilfer bounced around many teams in his career, but he was lucky enough to helm the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl victory on the strength of their history-making defense. Yes, they have the best QB, a fleet of skill players and a fantastic coach, but history is not on their side. The Vikings uncharacteristically had a poor defense in 2020, ranking 29th in points allowed after finishing as a top 10 unit the previous five seasons. Throw in Trent Dilfer leading the other offense and a game that was never competitive, and this is easily the worst Super Bowl of all-time. 113 career TDs compared to 129 interceptions says that he doesn't deserve that victory. They went 3-0.. Seattle Seahawks +2500 (bet $10 to win $260 total), Will we see the first-half Seahawks (6-1, 34 points per game! For the 2021 version of FPI, we made some under-the-hood improvements, including an updated expected points added model and a better predictive quarterback rating system. Peyton Manning needed the Saints and Tracy Porter to not come marching in. Green Bay looked as if it would blow the Steelers out but Ben Roethlisberger led a rally that cut the lead from 18 to three before Mason Crosby put the game away with a field goal. The NFL didn't have a full season due to a strike, so it is hard to put a 72 team ahead of others. 2004-2023 CBS Interactive. They're the fifth-best team in football and have the fourth-best chance to win it all with a 6% shot, according to FPI. Sam Darnold cannot go from worst QB in the NFL (by some metrics) to winning the Super Bowl in twelve months. A very good defense led by Andre Tippett and Steve Nelson. That tops the 2020 Jaguars, who entered last season at 23% and ended up earning that No. This was actually the closest one they played. Los Angeles Rams +1400 (bet $10 to win $150 total). Detroit has a young and talented offensive line (average age 24 years old) to protect new quarterback Jared Goffwho is looking to resurrect his career after getting traded by the Los Angeles Rams. Joe Namath may have guaranteed a Super Bowl III win over the Baltimore Colts, but he didn't say anything about being the best team of all time. This year, theres a chance theyre 4-0 heading into a week five game against the Cowboys. Any NFL fan intuitively knows that basing strength of schedule on the previous season's record is a fool's errand because teams' abilities change too much from year to year to go off that, not to mention the fact that a single NFL season is not always a great indicator for the talent of a team. Will head coach Zac Taylor actually commit to the run and take the pressure off of Burrow? And the NFC South doesn't have any other teams ranked in FPI's top 10. Peyton Mannings struggles reinforced the notion that he could be great in the regular season but collapsed in the playoffs. People think of Kerry Collins when they think of this 124 Giants squad, but this defense was the real story. They lost the Super Bowl 1055 against the San Francisco 49ers. The Kansas City Chiefs might have lost Super Bowl LV, but they are still the NFL team to beat this season, according to the new ESPN Football Power Index (FPI) projections for 2021. With a 131 record, this Oakland Raiders team would be higher, but not as good as some of the other late '60s losing teams. (Hey, at least it worked out for them with Trevor Lawrence being available.). Kansas City will be this team's measuring stick, as the Chiefs are the only roster more talented than Buffalo's in the AFC. QB | RB | WR | TE The poor AFC South is the only reason theyre not lower. It was not only totally unexpected but it was made possible by a play-call that will be debated for years to come. Just when the Falcons appeared to have a team set to contend for a playoff berth in 2021, Atlanta traded Julio Jonesto the Titans for draft picks. The Titans defense added Bud Dupree and Caleb Farley, but it may not be enough to make the the 24th-ranked unit (in points allowed) Super Bowl-caliber. that each ranks in the top 10. Please check your email for a confirmation. Terry Bradshaw and Franco Harris took over the game from there. The team that benefited from Norwood's egregious error, the New York Giants, was not particularly exceptional. Now, by most accounts, the Steelers were great in 1974. They started 1-7, fought back into playoff contention, and cratered down the stretch behind backup QB Colt McCoy.. Im more likely to become a billionaire than the Texans are to finish above .500, much less win the Super Bowl this season. Buffalo also addedEmmanuel Sanders to the mix, making the passing game even more formidable. NFL fans would have to get used that kind of ending. There are no arguments to be made: This is the greatest Super Bowl of all-time. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/01/2019-super-bowl-rankings-best-to-worst, a fascinating chess match between the Falcons and Patriots coaching staffs, Anthony Richardson showed off his freakish athleticism by breaking 2 NFL Combine records, Joey Porter Jr. shared a wholesome moment with dad Joey Porter at 2023 NFL Combine, Will Levis finally shared the origin story for his mayo coffee, How to watch the NFL Combine, live stream, TV channel, Quarterbacks, Receivers, Tight Ends, Bryce Young's measurements at the NFL Combine are almost identical to Kyler Murray's, C.J. This Super Bowl gave us a bunch of memorable performances. Dallas got out to an early 10-point lead and never looked back. A 124 record and a solid defense? With that criteria in mind, weve ranked every Super Bowl ever played from worst to first. They played in plenty of close games, and Steve McNair and Eddie George were superb. The AFC West belongs to the Kansas City Chiefs, but second place is there for the taking. The Ravens and Browns rank fourth and sixth in FPI rating -- basically true talent level -- but are fifth and seventh in chances to reach the playoffs and win the Super Bowl, respectively. In the Super Bowl, Pittsburgh managed just 16 points and won a defensive slugfest 16-6. If Watson doesn't play in 2021, the Texans will be competing for the top overall pick in the 2022 draft. And to help you out, we ranked all 32 teams ahead of this season by the value on the odds they'll win the Super Bowl.. Even without Wentz, the forecast for that stretch is better than one might guess; on average, the Colts win 2.2 of those games, and the chances that they start 0-5 is just over 1 in 20. This isn't just about winning the closely contested division, though. Pittsburgh sent six men to the Pro Bowl, went a decent 10-3-1 in the regular season and, of course, won the Lombardi Trophy. A 15-1 team, losing to the Atlanta Falcons by a single touchdown, the 2015 Carolina Panthers were a dominant offensive force with an underrated defense. Head coach Bill Cowher would get Super Bowl redemption the next decade, but this 115 team was pretty great all around. Stroud, Will Levis, Anthony Richardson don't lack confidence at NFL combine, Bettors are backing Bears, Lions, Jets to make, win Super Bowl, NFLPA report cards show link between player-friendly coaches and winning, Georgia's Nolan Smith turns heads with blazing 40 at NFL combine, Alabama QB Bryce Young confident in abilities, downplays questions about frame, Stroud opposes Bears drafting him, defends Fields: 'That's his team', Sharp: Ravens have themselves to blame for not getting Lamar Jackson help, 49ers offseason preview: Potential Super Bowl team must figure out QB spot. Los Angeles Chargers +3300 (bet $10 to win $340 total), The world loves the Chargers after Justin Herberts incredible rookie year (record-setting 31 TDs). This might be controversial among Bills fans, but this team was just as good as the year before. The defense got a huge boost with the signing of Haason Reddick and top 10 pick Jaycee Horn, but Carolina still has to deal with Tampa Bay and New Orleans in the NFC South. So its only fitting that the winner of Super Bowl 53 will have a defense that finished the regular season below the league average. The New York team that was crowned champion was far from elite. The game was won with Ben Roethlisbergers perfect pass to Santonio Holmes, who somehow got two feet down in the back of the end zone. It was easily the sloppiest Super Bowl of all-time. Los Angeles could put itself in position to contend for a playoff spot. Bradshaw would go on to complete just 67 passes for 785 yards, seven touchdowns and eight interceptions in his limited action. Adding Marvin Jones to a young receiving unit that already includes Laviska Shenault Jr. and D.J. Those questions need to be answered in a division where the Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers defenses reside. Cole Beasley is also a reliable target for Allen, who does as much damage from the outside as well as the slot. We have all heard this "Cinderella story" one too many times, but it's worth going over for the purposes of this piece. Yeah, this one wasnt compelling for neutral viewers. 55) Super Bowl XLVIII (2013) The 2013 Seahawks were able to take advantage of this game to solidify themselves as an all-time NFL defense. I'll take my chances on a 1-in-15 shot that the Niners put all the pieces back together and raise the Lombardi in February. The most interesting thing about this Super Bowl remains Hank Strams micd up footage. Let's dive into the 2021 FPI projections with the 10 biggest takeaways. Peyton Manning dragged him and the rest of the team there. This contest was more important than nearly any other as it asserted the AFL's legitimacy as a league and proved it could contend with the NFL year in and year out. The 2005 Steelers are a prime example. Boomer Esiason and the Bengals were the most productive offense in 1988. The Browns also have a good defense that improved with the additions of John Johnson III at safety, Anthony Walker and Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah at linebacker, Jadeveon Clowney at edge rusher, and Greg Newsome II at cornerback. With the best defense in the game, this 124 Steelers team could not stop a hot road team in the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers. The game was so bad that the MVP award did not even go to a member of the winning team. Sixth-round draft pickTom Brady took over for the injured Drew Bledsoe at quarterback and led the Patriots all the way to the Super Bowl title. We cant put a Super Bowl featuring Rex Grossman too high on the list, but Peyton Manning winning his first ring salvages this one. Division favorites, win totals and the NFL's best (and worst) teams: Takeaways from the 2021 projections, The future of the NFL combine: Is there really a chance it could end forever? Star quarterback Phil Simms was injured during the playoffs, no player had more than 30 catches during the regular season and the team was carried by a great defense that allowed only 13.2 points per game. 31. In a 17-game slate, the division matters that much less compared to strength of schedule. Bart Starr won MVP with only 13 completions. 2023 NFL Draft odds: Will Georgia's Stetson Bennett get selected? The 1970s Steelers gave us one last entertaining Super Bowl before its dynasty ended. First place on this list scored 140 points in my grading system. The 10 Worst NFL Teams to Ever Win a Super Bowl - Sportscasting 27. Dick Vermeil's boys just missed out on the Lombardi Trophy with one bad day. Webworst defense to win super bowlaiken county sc register of deeds worst defense to win super bowl BUT this 14-2 Atlanta Falcons team was no slouch. For a team with quarterback uncertainty, it could be much worse.
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